We walked and walked and walked this weekend! While we walked we laughed, shared life stories, and cried at the love and support we received by perfect strangers all along the way. Men with signs that read, “my mom would thank you.” or pictures of a wife lost to this terrible disease. Families-mothers, fathers, children, sisters…all out to say thank you. I wish I could have recorded the women saying-“thank you for walking”. It was said with such geniune gratitude that I swear I have never heard before. At closing ceremony, we saluted those survivors who walked the 60 miles by raising one of our sneakers. I watched balloons raise up to the sky. I cried. 4000 people walked through Atlanta this weekend. We raised 6.6 million dollars together. Fantastic.

Sarah and I at the end of the walk…Phew.

All the ladies. The Blister Sisters!!!!
I will write more later…still processing the whole thing.
I just know that I can not believe I did it, but it is one of the top ten moments of my life because of how unsure I was that I could do this. I met some fabulous women and they have forever made my life better.


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