I just want to say THANKS!

I leave for my big “walk” on Thursday. We start our walk on Friday at 7:30 a.m. So if you think of it take a moment and send Sarah and I some good thoughts, prayers, love—whatever. We will need it.

With the help of friends and family, I have raised 2,300 dollars to support the Susan G. Komen foundation. Our team has raised 50,600 dollars!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that incredible???? I feel so proud to be part of such event. Thank you Sarah for doing something so simple-just asking.

I hope that Mona knows that I am doing this. I will keep her in my heart and I know that doing this may make a difference for some family some where…and that makes any blisters so worthwhile. We miss her. I thank her everyday for her son-who loves me so well and didn’t even hesitate to say YES! when I asked him if I could do this.

Thanks to my family members who have contributed to to making this possible on so many levels-making donations-big and small (every penny counts)-encouragement in the form of new sneakers, babysitting so I could go shopping for the essentials, words, emails and general expression of pride in this accomplishment. OR one of the biggest contributions-watching my kids so that I can even get to the event to participate. So much love and support.
My friends from far and near-people surprised and supported me. I think I even had a woman from high school make a donation after seeing my blog from my h.s. alumni page. All of these things touched my heart.

Please know that I will carry each and every one of you with me on these 60 miles. Actually, know that you will be helping to lift my feet and carry me over the 3 days.
I am so blessed.
In the words/thought of a good friend-What a charmed life I live!


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