How we are holding up….

We are on day 6 of Steve’s trip out west and this is OFFICIALLY the longest Steve and I have ever been apart. We still have 6 days to go until we see each other again. So how am I holding up? Let me just state emphatically, THIS SUCKS! The only one who doesn’t really seem affected is Molly. She doesn’t have a clue. So lucky to be two. Today she ran off to Amy and gave her a big hug. All weekend she had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa Swenson. Giggling, laughing, playing. While Ella and I were in the fetal position crippled by our sadness.

Okay I am being a little dramatic-but you get my drift.
I got a couple pics from Steve last night…
This one was for the girls…

And this one was for ME! I got a present. YES!

Do you understand why I miss him so?????????


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