I think we have done something right…

Tonight at dinner, we were talking about Steve’s upcoming Bruins’ job traveling out west and leaving us here for 10 days. Ella was not so sure about this whole hockey thing, but she was sure about one thing. GIRLS PLAY SPORTS! Last year, we took a family trip down to Boston to watch the Boston Roller Derby Dames have a bout. Packed a picnic dinner and made a night of it. Ella was enthralled. More enthralled then we ever knew as tonight she asked if we could go see another bout sometime. NICE! That’s my girl, but I see Molly being more of the animal for this particular habitat. But I am up for being surprised. And as long as we don’t read some of the names out loud on the ladies’ outfits, i.e. Pussy Venom, Wanda Whipya, I think we are onto a new form of family entertainment. Just check out these powerful awesome women. Mild mannered (or not) career women by day-terrors on the rink by night.

Check out their website…
Boston Derby Dames


7 thoughts on “I think we have done something right…

  1. Barngirl says:

    Yes-Sri-Ella wanted to know if you and Uncle Phil could come with us.

    OH-their brains are made for taking full contact blows, right????
    Terry-nice to hear from YOU!
    where is Jack’s Blog??

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