Punkinfiddle 2007

We spent this beautiful day at Laudholm Farm’s Annual Punkinfiddle. We introduced the Randalls to this quintessential Maine Day. With pumpkins, scarecrows, farm animals, sea creatures, horse rides, fiddle music, clam chowder, and traditional New England crafts being made we couldn’t have had more fun. At lunchtime, we meet up with half of the Milne-Carlsons, which made Ella very happy to see her old friend, Lydia.

The line of scarecrows made by families…

I could not get this picture down to the bottom of the page-this was taken at home. Princess, our scarecrow, in her new home with some mums and pumpkins. And Molly with her camera face on.

The oxen were a huge hit. I would think it would suck to have your head locked in with someone else’s.

The Nasons and Randalls working on our scarecrows.

The kids loving the scarecrows but not us taking a picture of them.

Petting and feeding the goats.

Check it out. Nice Boat. That one is for you, Dad.

Ella and her idol, Lydia. Poor Lydia…to be so adored…

Picking up Princess and bringing her home.

Princess The Scarecrow


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