Happy Anniversary! or 10 Years Holy Crap!

10 years ago today I was nursing an uber-hangover. Looking through the world with bleary eyes-smelling faintly of last nights whiskey sours, wine, and beer. BUT it was worth it. 10 years ago yesterday my brother got married to a sweet, innocent, young woman from Iowa (I didn’t know her well then-still sweet, maybe not so innocent). Their story is a one from a story book or at least a chick flick. If I have the story correct, Sarah worked in cardiac rehab in Florida, where our beloved, awesome grandfather went for therapy. My brother, at the time, lived in Florida, too. My grandfather, being who he was, kept hassling Sarah, being the pretty blonde that she was (and still is) to go on a date with my brother. Finally, not being able to resist his charm any longer and I think he had a flattering picture of my brother, Sarah consented to a date. Luckily for my brother, Sarah did not hold it against him that he drove a teal Eagle Talon (though I would have) and the rest is history. My grandfather was the best man at their wedding. And I think this story proves TWO things. My brother is the luckiest son of a bitch, I have ever known AND good things happen to good people.
Congratulations You TWO! You have done good. And we love you here in Maine.


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