things around here..

We have had a great couple days here in the woods. Ella is finishing her first week of school. She seems to think school is pretty cool. Seriously, Kindergarten rocks. Three recesses, a whole class for music, a sand table in the classroom, you can have cupcakes on your birthday, a little reading, monster tag-you scream and get really sweaty, you get a purple coin when you get caught something good, school lunch (?), lemonade caprisun, peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, and friends.

That is what I have gotten out of her so far. Today she took the bus for the first time. Steve said she was all smiles but walked a little slowly up the stairs. I am pushing for the after school pick-up, mom’s apron strings are still tied on a little. She had gym class today so she wore her NEW sneakers. I am so proud of her! It has been a nice transition-talk to me next week.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishing, prayers, encouragement, physical presence, special outfits-all of you were with her these past three days. It is because of all of your influence, love, support that she is the amazing little girl she is today. Please know how much you all mean to Steve and I and our girls.

Enough with the sap-back to work.


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