Ella’s First day of Kindergarten

She did great! She was excited and happy-nervous when we got there, but headed off with her teacher with a brave face and lots of kisses saved up for later if she needed them.

Molly was excited for Ella-did a little checking in while we were waitng, but on the way to school sang “Eleanor Thayer Nason” over and over. Good Love.

The courtyard was a buzzin’ Finally, the principal announced-“the kids will line up and head into the school with their teachers and Parents-you will go home!” Nice tension breaker and reality check.



2 thoughts on “Ella’s First day of Kindergarten

  1. Aunt Sri says:

    Yippee…for our big girl! Can’t wait to hear about her day, and her new friends, teachers and activities.
    Love you, Ella bean…

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