Cause I am in that kind of mood…

It is a beautiful day here in Maine…a couple puffy clouds but nothing else- slight breeze to keep it from getting too hot. I love it! We started the day without Steve-sad 😦 but we did have homemade blueberry muffins with blueberries we picked yesterday for breakfast. Small consolation. My boyfriend, the stone mason, worked today on the wall. He is cementing the top so that, “the girls can walk on it.” So considerate. And then we Nason Girls headed over to the works. I worked out and they played. We all went swimming. Ella has crossed over into the swimming world. Today she jumped into the deep end without her floatie and swam to the stairs WITHOUT my help. It is very exciting. We celebrated her first efforts at floatie-less swimming last night with spaghetti and meatballs and brownie sundaes (her pick)! Yippie! Molly, meanwhile is getting braver and putting her head underwater. She is fun to watch.
So because I am in such a good mood…

Things I love:
1. that I can run 3 miles in 31 minutes.
2. that sometimes Molly walks backwards…just cause.
3. that when I suggested to Ella that she jump in without her floatie-she just did it. Wasn’t scared.
4. freezing blueberries. It makes me excited for blueberry pancakes when the weather turns cold. It fills me with warmth.
5. Iced coffee.
6. Mint chocolate chip ice cream…especially bryers.
7. My new socks I got for the walk. They make my feet feel so fine.
8. Molly’s lips when she wakes up-they are all puffy and cute.
9. Watching Ella go underwater.
10. Molly holding Baxter Bunny-all dangly and such but you know if you tried to grab him she would fight you.


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