This little guy was sitting in the yard when we got home. We had another quill incident three days ago, luckily in the bottom of a flip flop. Daddy/Steve is not too happy. Especially when they are being all show-offy about being in the yard in the middle of the day.


6 thoughts on “P-P-P-Porcupine…

  1. The Iron Squirrel says:

    Two words: BeeBee Gun. But just to scare it. Or you could get one of those Be Kind traps where it traps the thing for you and you can relocate it.

  2. therese says:

    My sister & bro-in-law have used those catch and release traps to manage their Groundhog Problem. It’s worked well for them.

  3. Peter says:

    Porcupine can be a bit on the greasy side, but makes quite fine jerky. Couple of quick pops with the BB gun should do the trick, then hang it by the neck until the quills fall out. From there it is just a matter of laying out the meat in the sun on the new stone wall, seasoned lightly with a bit of salt and pepper and a dash of paprika.

  4. Beth says:

    Pete-thanks for the recipe…hmmmmm
    Colleen- you are so right-I will count my blessings
    Ally and Therese-I will only get those traps if steve releases them. I get very hebbie jebbie around wild live things…

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