I have the blisters to prove it…

Alright folks…the first big walk done and done. I walked from 9:30-11:20 today. I made it 6.4 miles. Then I called Steve…I had two, 2, deux raging blisters on my feet. That were shooting little tiny daggers into my heels. I learned today that I can not wear short little thin socks on a long walk. I actually really enjoyed my walk. I had some tunes, called my mom and got to see a lot of places near by that I usually saw from a car window. Overall…a nice beginning.
The girls and I packed up a lunch and headed to the pool. We spent two glorious hours basking in the sun and floating in the pool. And then, as if the day couldn’t get any better, we headed over to the NH Nasons for a humdinger of a good time. Pete served up some trash can turkey, that’s right folks…and man it was the best turkey I have ever had!!!! Plus he served a yummy blonde ale homebrew. Lori and Charlotte made kick butt banana cupcakes…so good. Ella and Molly fell right into the groove with all the kids. I love going there and knowing that it is like being home-I had a great time.
Now I am kickin’ back…a little vino and The Office on DVD. Life is good.

Dwight “Let me give you some advice, I am not afraid to make an example of you!”
Jim “Well, that is not advice…what advice sounds like is, ‘don’t ever bring your purple belt to work because someone might steaaaalll it.'”


2 thoughts on “I have the blisters to prove it…

  1. Kelly Elizabeth says:

    I love this post. Let’s review:

    personal pain (with mileage and details on type of blisters…all good stuff)

    identification of type of alcohol drank

    food descriptions

    cute kid stories

    warm anecdote about family

    tv program choice


    a quote

    ALL GOOD… we love reading this stuff about other people! LOVE IT.

  2. Meme says:

    You really need a new pair of walking shoes and several pair of socks that will work for your big walk. You really don’t have to have blisters to be a Blister Sister

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