Happy 4th of July

I love this holiday. It is my favorite. I have to say it started rather sad and lonely. Steve worked today and we had NO plans. NOTHING. Except the faint idea to go to Strawberry Banke for an “All American Celebration”. I chatted with Steve in the morning and told him I would probably stay home and clean. WOMAN, he said, WOMAN go to the celebration! So away we went…and fun was had. Old Cars, People in period costumes, a horse and carriage ride, games on the lawn, a treasure hunt with fun glasses as the treasure, muskets being fired, a man on a big bicycle, and the Serfs playing some rockin’ polka.
We left the Celebration in search of an ice cream cone. As we drove by the Milne-Carlson abode we saw bodies in the yard so we stopped. A short chat became a walk to get a cone together, became a gin and tonic on the patio…very good to catch up with them again. It had been so very long since we had talked and laughed together. So for a day that started rather bleakly…we ended with dinner with Daddy and happy, tired little girls. Happy 4th of July.


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