Where do I even begin…

We are home from our escape from reality vacation. School ended on Monday the 18th and on Tuesday the 19th at 8:30 a.m. we were cruising down Oak Woods Road headed for the Lake. We met Pete, Lori and Charlotte in Portsmouth and began our caravan to NY.
With bad jokes flying over the walkie talkies between the cars and lobstahs tucked away safely chilling in the back, and fixins for g&ts, three little girls who were excited to be with each other, and 4 adults who were more than excited to be away from work we had the recipe for a good time.
The cottage, once again, provided the perfect backdrop for memories to be made and with a new camera we got 258! pictures to prove it! AND NOW I WILL SHOW YOU ALL OF THEM! Just kidding. But you are all invited for a slide show with dim lighting and a hot room to watch them in after a big dinner. AND you better pay attention.


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