8th grade recognition night

We celebrated our 8th graders last night. These kiddos were in 5th grade when I started. It was a happy night, but of course VERY HOT in the gym. I think the fact that I see kids over the years is probably my favorite part of my job. That I watch these kids grow and transform over the years, sometimes from a distance sometimes from way too close and then the best times of course is when it is just right. You help the parent/s, the child and even yourself.

Here are a couple regulars in my office this year. They were done with middle school at the beginning of the year and decided that my office was the best place to spend their study halls to stay out of trouble. I made the mistake of giving them some snacks once…so for them a bag of munchie mix of their very own! “Finally you buy us some snacks, Mrs. Nason.”

And then there are kids that just will forever hold a special place in your heart.

Afterward the recognitions, a bunch of us went out for some food and drinks down on the beach. It still amazes me that I work everday so close to the ocean. We got to the restaurant with the beach and the sun going down…it was beautiful. One of our 9th graders was there with his family. He was playing drums for this band Don Campbell. So that was cool to be able to see.

But for all intents and purposes I am done. We have a half day on monday. Kids leave at 11:00 and we leave at 12:00. Annual End of the Year Party and then home to do last minute packing for the COTTAGE!


2 thoughts on “8th grade recognition night

  1. Meme says:

    Those OOB kids are soooo lucky to have you on their team. Some may already know it, the others will take a while to figure it out.
    All have benefited from your patients and kindness.
    The world is a better place because E.M.R Nason is in it!
    See you soon!

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