all the things i would take pictures of if my camera wasn’t broken…

1. Molly with a blanket on her back playing…Super Molly to the rescue…
2. the work that Dad and Dave did around the doors and windows.
3. the work primed today by Steve and I. Looks so great!
4. Ella and Molly loving each other last night.
5. Molly blowing bubbles at Pete and Lori’s house today.
6. Ella spread eagle on her belly leaning into the pool.
7. Steve playing ball with All the girls today. Can’t get a picture of the sound of their laughter, but the picture would help me remember it.

Starting my last full week of work tomorrow. Yippie!
Only 8 days until we leave for the cottage.
Summer Vacation I am coming to get you!

I ran 3.5 miles on Friday and absolutely nothing this weekend. BAH. I really didn’t have time so busy doing other things. Waking up tomorrow early for a run on the treadmill.

Tonight the last Sopranos…the big question…cancel the cable after tonight and sign up for netflix or just keep the cable…hmmmmmm Life should always pose such difficult questions. 🙂

One of my high points of the weekend…being able to soothe Charlotte’s tears today. And getting a kiss and a hug from her when we left. Kisses from your own kids are usually gimmes…other people’s kids…that’s a victory.


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