Race Day 2007

The Big Finish! I was hoping to complete the race in 36 minutes. I did better than that with a time of 33:07. I even got a 10 minute mile in there. First mile was over 11. The last one about 12. Overall I was super happy with my accomplishment. The girls thought I won the Race. They were so happy. Overall, a GREAT morning. Steve said I was his hero. Got to love him.

Waiting for mommy! Blowing the Kitty Whistle for support and Ella looking like a cast member from CaddyShack.

The Starting Line-Over 2000 runners today. Saw a couple people I knew. But otherwise I was smack dab in the middle. Beautiful Day-sunny with a nice breeze.

Trying to look cool and collected. As the woman next to me at the Start said, “You would think I had a chance to win this thing the way my stomach is feeling.”

Funny faces waiting for Mommy to return before the start of the race.


3 thoughts on “Race Day 2007

  1. Sri says:

    Thank you SO much for those pictures.
    I can’t get over what a big girl Ella is! And Beth-you go girl!!!!
    Love you all.

  2. Allyson says:

    I remember the start line of XC races in highschool and how bad your stomach feels right before the gun. Nice work- I am very proud of you! Mikey and I were in Vegas for the weekend. John actually came up too and we saw each other on Saturday. I will send some PG pictures tomorrow…I have a good one of john and I:)

  3. Jen says:

    Holy Cow! Great job! We almost came to that race and then at the last minute changed our minds and went to see Obama in Conway! I can’t believe I could have been standing on the starting line and looked over and seen you! Too much. You had a GREAT race! You are psyched! I am impressed!

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