Flowers in our Yard…

Trientalis borealis
Common name: Star Flower

I don’t know what this flower is-Meme-help-One kind of bulb we planted at Ella’s birthday.

Cypripedium acaule
Other common names: Moccasin Flower, Stemless Lady’s Slipper
This is very exciting we are up to 8 found Lady Slippers in our yard!!!!


4 thoughts on “Flowers in our Yard…

  1. Sri says:

    LOVE the Trientalis Borealis!
    I’m starting to appreciate more palnrs and flowers living in Charleston.
    This is plant/tree heaven.

  2. sarah kate and trey says:

    looks like an allium to me, part of the onion family. they come in a varitey of sizes and color. globe master is a favorite of mine.

    i am not the pro – we’ll have to see what meme says.

    love the picture of your flower. ella is starting look…dare i say mature?!?!… oh me oh my!

  3. Beth says:

    allium was in my mind, too Sarah…I think I know which ones you are talking about. I love those too…the big puffy ones…

  4. Meme says:

    OK, I’m in awe of the Lady Slippers in your yard, wish they were in mine. Maybe at our next location.
    The flower in question is an Allium, member of the onion family. Globe master, perhaps??
    Looks good, keep up the good gardening!

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