She is even posing…

I have entered a whole new world here. The world of dance and dance performances. Certain tights, red lipstick, certain hairstyles, froofy dance outfits with lace and tutus. As I was grumbling about it all today at her dance class, she was in there dancing her little heart out. We got home and she wanted to try the outfit on immediately and then my heart melted. She learned the pose at dance class. I asked her if she liked going to dance class and she said, Oh YES. So I guess I can suck up all the rest of the madness because she loves it. And all of this for 2 minutes of maybe nothing…maybe tears…maybe frozen standing and staring…BUT Maybe 2 minutes of tapping her little heart out. And me crying my eyes out…


Home Again…

We survived the almost 8 hour drive together. We, Nason Girls, can handle the road. I had a lot of fun on my visit home. The house is always so cozy and welcoming. Even the area with all its faults still feels so familiar and comfortable to me. Driving around Watertown with the visit to the zoo and the library brought a rush of good feelings. It reminds me of who I am and where I started from. Though the town has gotten sadder over the years I really only have good memories of my time there. Sunday afternoons before we left to go back to Syracuse in the Arcade…the record store, antique store and other shops….especially the box of Kandee Korn before we headed out. Emsall’s Department store with the revolving door…What was the other dept. store that was done there??? I can’t remember…Barbara Moss and Carter’s in the Woolworth Plaza. Trips to the Y to play Basketball, go swimming, or run on the track. I rode my bike everywhere. The best stop, of course, Puff’s for some Ice Cream. I guess I was lucky as a kid that I grew up in a place that felt so safe. That had neighborhoods and a downtown that was so exciting and interesting for a kid.
It was a good place to go for my vacation.
Molly’s favorite part of the trip…Playing with Grandpa…ball with Grandpa…Banner ball with Grandpa. Ella’s favorite part was the Zoo. The difference between the two was Molly was still talking about the trip at bedtime and Ella sighed contently…I am happy to be home. I hope that Steve and I are creating the same childhood memories for our girls. So that they will return to their Home/Town and feel what I feel for the farmhouse and Watertown.

Eldorado Beach

This afternoon we enjoyed the sun on Eldorado Beach. The mix of man and nature makes it an interesting beach to comb. No one but us there today and lots of plastic junk to sort through as well as shells and feathers and driftwood. Molly spent her time throwing rocks in the lake and Ella combed the beach looking for “American SeaShells”, an interesting looking seed pod of sorts which she named. It was a beautiful ending to a great day. Pizza, Bath and Bed…good stuff.

more zoo pics

It was great to spend time outdoors today. The sun made you almost forget that there was still snow on the ground. Thompson Park Zoo was a fun trip. Molly was enthralled with the mountain lion and really didn’t want to leave the cage. Ella enjoyed tromping around with Meme and trying to find the animals in their cages. Molly is snoozing now and Ella and Meme are off to feed the birds and take a ride on the gator. Mom is enjoying a little quiet time. Very happy we are here and not in Maine. Our house has been without power for three days now and the coastline and rivers have swollen and done some extreme damage. Steve has been able to stay with the Randalls, who have power and checked in on Meepers. She is happy as long as she has some food and water and a cozy place to nap. We will head home tomorrow…what a good vacation!