Date Night

Steve and I got to have a night away in Portland yesterday. We had a great time.
It just reminded us of how much fun we have together when we are alone. Without the kiddos. It was good to do. Much love to Pete, Lori and Charlotte for coming up and hanging out the Moo and the Bean. We stayed at the Eastland Park Hotel which seemed to be in not as good shape as I remember it from a couple years back. However, with a long walk into town for some chowder and a beer we returned to our room to get ready for a night on the town. We took a cab into town because after running 3.1 miles that morning and then our probably two mile walk that afternoon my legs decided they didn’t need to walk again. We pulled up in front of Natasha’s where we were eating dinner and there was a band playing in the park across the street with lots of barefoot people dancing and kids hopping. All of us it seemed were shedding our winter coats and blues and enjoying the sunny afternoon. Being early for our reservation we went and sat at the bar and I had the BEST margharita and we shared a dim sum appetizer which knocked both our socks off…from the mint melon soup to the shrimp rangoon to the endameme hummus and the Soba Noodles. So delicious. Dinner on the other hand, I was really disappointed. My cambodian hot bowl which I have had before was not so good. Instead of cilantro…parsley…heavy over cooked vegetables no bueno. But the wine was delicious and the company stellar so it did nothing to dampen my spirit. We left dinner after a flourless chocolate cake and a couple cappucinos and took a walk around the old port. I bought the new Anne Lamott book, GRACE EVENTUALLY…really looking forward to reading that…I have loved every book by her I have ever read. I will keep you posted.
Finally we meandered through the streets and ended up at Kathadin for a night cap and spent a good hour or so just chatting and making plans. That was probably my favorite part of the night.

But what was great was pulling into the driveway this morning happy and refreshed and seeing Moo Cow jump up and down excitedly when she saw the jetta. Ella running and screaming Mommy…Daddy…There is no place like home…


One thought on “Date Night

  1. Allyson says:

    Note about Natasha’s: Mike and I are JEALOUS. We have traveled FAR and wide and tried calamari everywhere we have gone but none can top Natasha’s calamari. We actually talked about this last weel and decided when we come back to visit we are definitely going back there! Mike took me to my first birthday dinner we had together at Natashas

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