Kitty Cat Rain Boots

The girls boots are awesome!
I wish I had a pair. I wanted Ella to get the little wellies but the kitty’s were too enticing plus 10 bucks cheaper.
So we got home and the girls were playing at the swing set, happily stomping in the mud especially the big mess underneath the sling swing. As I was walking back up from the mailbox I heard a horrendous scream so I start sprinting up the hill. Ella is walking toward me, wailing with her arms out stretched and MUD up and down her entire body. It took everything to keep from laughing. Especially when she screams out between wails, “NOW…I…AM…NOT…PRETTY…ANYMORE!”

She and her clothes cleaned up nicely and she was adorable before, during and after.
Molly just walked in…”I didn’t get muddy, Mommy. I not muddy, Mommy.” Rubbing it in. Literally.


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