Good morning to my loyal readers…

Last night the girls and I went to the Penny Social at my school and tried to win a lobster dinner, a basket full of toys and a plate full of yummy cookies but only ended up winning a scrapbooking kit. We don’t even scrapbook, but Ella really wanted the stamps. The Penny Social is a lot of Fun. You buy a book of tickets for 5 dollars and you walk around and put tickets into coffe cans next to items you would like to win. Then at the end of the night they pull the winning tickets. It was a fundraiser for our PTO.
I had a crazy guidance counselor day yesterday. Lots of hurting kids out there. So the night was a nice way to be around some positive energy. The kids all got a kick out of watching me chase Molly around the gym. That girl moves fast. Can’t turn your back on her for a minute.

We are off to the library this morning and then to the store to buy some new rain boots for Ella. Mud Season is upon us.

I hope you are all having a great day and a wonderful weekend!


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