St. Molly’s Day and 7 years later…

Yesterday, Molly turned 2. What a splendiforous day was had. Grandma and Grandpa were able to join us for the weekend which was great fun. The Nason gang was all able to show up for the party as well as the Randalls. Molly had a good crowd around her to welcome in the beginning of her 3rd year in the world. Made a yummy Barefoot Contessa Meal…parmesan chicken and bowtie and broccoli with fruit juice jigglers. The jigglers were a huge hit. Aunt Sri cut out shamrocks to celebrate the day. Aunt Lori helped in the kitchen and added just enough garlic to the bowtie and broccoli dish. All of the kids played well together and seemed to enjoy themselves. Present opening took all afternoon and great gifts were given. We heard sad/good news that Phil and Sri are leaving us for Charleston, SC. Work opportunities and warmer weather are taking them away from us. Add that to the list of places I have to go to visit siblings. What is up with that?!?!
But at the end of it all Steve and I reflected on the fact that 7 years ago we met and made our first date after a long night of talking at the Press Room on St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve done well in 7 years and yesterday was just another day to add to the list of good times surrounded by great friends and fantastic family.


2 thoughts on “St. Molly’s Day and 7 years later…

  1. Allyson says:

    Whoa. Phil and Sri are takin it South eh? I cant believe it! I demand to see pictures of the birthday girl.

    I am still recovering from my weekend festivities which include bar-hopping in downtown San Diego, endless car bombs and wearing an obnoxious amount of green. It really made me miss UNH…

    AND YOU!

  2. Kelly Elizabeth says:

    Hello… this is your Godparent… well, I had a note in my car LAST Monday to send a gift… didn’t happen… oh, ok.. now it was Thursday and I will send a card.. didn’t happen… OK KELLY… before you go to Syracuse.. Post something on your blog about how sweet your beautiful Godchild is… she won’t see it (at least I don’t THINK her parents show her my blog YET).. but Steve and Beth are fans… they may think it is cool… and will Molly REALLY know if I sent her something on her 2nd birthday? Well.. NOW I don’t want to be labeled as the RED HEAD God Parent that can’t seem to be SOBER on Molly’s birthday EVER… so I will now be writing a big check. Damn Guinness. (Please don’t show her this blog comment).

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