Pre-school Gossip

Ella is forever talking about a little boy at her school. Even so much as to tell me that they told each other that they love each other. I had fears in my brain that she was driving this little boy crazy. This morning I called Ella into school sick because she had thrown up last night. Miss Sue jumped at the chance to tell me that she has wanted to talk to me. She told me that this little boy had come to school the other morning wearing dress pants, dress shirt, and a tie. Sue commented to his nanny that he looked very handsome. The nanny replied that he wanted to look nice for ELLA! Too funny and cute.


3 thoughts on “Pre-school Gossip

  1. Allyson says:

    Oh BOY. She’s going to turn out like me isnt she? Tell her to run away- boys are a source of pain*…she believed you about the hot stove didnt she?

    * this statement does not apply to Mike or Steve

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