What a meal!!

The Dunaway Restaurant
Steve and I celebrated the arrival of his 34th year on this earth by having the most sublime, gastronomical experience! We went to the Dunaway Restaurant at Strawberry Banke where the chef is a friend of Steve’s he has known since he was 6. She was recently named as one of the top 5 best new chefs by Food and Wine magazine and is appearing on Iron Chef on Monday! The atmosphere was only outdone by the food.
Those are the scallops I had for an appetizer. Steve had a salad that was out of this world with figs, goat cheese and greens. For dinner I had Irish Organic Salamon with Lobster, corn and potatoes-made me giggle it was so good. Steve had a ribeye that melted in your mouth. Mary came out after our dessert. We had ordered the brownie with raspberries and Mary gave us her key lime dessert that is named after her father to try. Both were amazing. Mary is a talented chef for sure. Steve was happy to connect with her again and hear about her life and accomplishments. Go, Go, Go all the way to the Dunaway!


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