Parent License and the education system

Is that a completely crazy idea? I almost believe it is a good idea.

Working with a student today only renews my belief. How do we expect kids to meet standards set by a system that in order to be successful you need certain conditions met? Our educational system is set to work for a small minority of students. It is not meant to mirror the real world. It is as fictional world that means nothing and does little to prepare our kids for the future and support our kids in the present. There are fabulous teachers in the educational world and it is not their fault. Something bigger needs to happen to cause a whole paradigm shift. I hope I live to see a new system, a healthier system.

If we can’t prevent people from having children that shouldn’t have children. Parents who supply their children with marijuana and alcohol. Parents who as role models are in jail, sleeping with mulitple partners, not working, spending their minimal paychecks on video games, labelled clothes and sneakers, and junk food the latest trend. If we can’t as a country and society start to remember that children don’t ask to be born, don’t ask to be sold and marketed to, and need US to be adults and not their friends. Then schools will have to continue to change to become the parents these kids need. And someone-some entity needs to be that voice in kids ears that is telling them how to be their own successful, happy, individual.


One thought on “Parent License and the education system

  1. Allyson says:

    Amen Sister! I wish I could send this link to every idiot in the world that thought affirmative action in college admissions offices was going to solve the country’s educational problems and allow kids in “unfortunate circumstances” the opportunities kids in “upper-class” families get. Parents just need to step up and teach their kids!

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