Cat eats the mouse

Last night while Steve and I were looking at some possible vacation rentals for February we started hearing some squeaking. I thought it was a bat, at first, but Steve quickly corrected me when we watched Meepers dash across the floor. It was quite a moment of Wheeeeee-Ouch. She was doing her job, her role in our family system, however, it completely grossed me out. Especially when she finally caught and swallowed it in three bites. Steve congratulated her and praised her. I told him to put her outside so she didn’t throw up in the house. No wonder he is her favorite.


One thought on “Cat eats the mouse

  1. Allyson says:

    So what you are telling me here is that you would be completely revolted by the idea of my sitting at my lab bench today, mechanically breaking the necks of mice, cutting them from tail to neck, removing their epidydimal fat and then systematically throwing their used carcasses into a plastic bag?

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