Some of my favorite things

  • Steve’s hugs
  • hearing Molly say “love you momma”
  • Cuddles with Ella
  • blueberry banana pancakes and bacon
  • the smell of the cottage and the lake
  • our house
  • a song that I can listen to at least three times in a row and sing loudly
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • watching my kids sleep
  • taking walks with Meepers
  • A really good gin and tonic on a hot day with Dad and Steve
  • Watching the Gilmore Girls-with Ally but that is no longer so that makes me sad
  • Drop ins and knowing that you have a friend you can drop in on. IF only Moultonborough was a little closer
  • Sleeping in
  • Pedicures
  • Back rubs from Steve-I don’t get them from anyone else
  • listening to my girls giggle together-that is new
  • Sunsets on the lake
  • getting an email from a friend
  • getting mail that is not bills-that is not often
  • sending someone mail-don’t do that often but I love when I do it

Hmmm fun to think about…


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