The not so itsy bitsy spider

After the kids ate a dessert of brownie, ice cream and whipped cream, we took a walk across the road to the farmhouse and pond. Ella and I ran up the driveway so we got to this grape arbor first. We were checking out the grapes when we spotted this spider and it’s web which looked just like the picture to the left. After Steve and Molly caught up with us we were all checking it out and then proceeded to find at least 10 more of them in this raspberry/blackberry patch by the grape arbor. All of their webs looked like this with different designs. I got home and googled it. Two names, the Black and Yellow Garden Spider and I also saw the name Writer Spider because of the designs they do on their webs. Supposedly they look scary and have claws on their two front legs, but they are extremely beneficial to gardens because they eat all sorts of pests. Steve wants to go capture a couple and bring them to our yard. I am sure I could not capture it. They were really cool though.


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