Good Envy

Let’s see we had a chance to show off our space over the weekend. During the week, I have had a chance to be envious of other’s living situations. On Tuesday I had double whammy. We met up with some of Steve’s friends at StoryLand in Glen. They were finishing up vacation and heading home to start the move from Manchester to Cape Cod. They are buying a house one mile from the ocean, surrounded by family. (Deep sigh emitted here.) Then we stopped by to visit our friends Jen, Justin and Eli, who treated us to a royal evening on their boat/float/ slice of heaven. Pizza, beer, and swimming on a beautiful night in a beautiful spot. Then tonight we had dinner at Duane and Shelly’s house. Beautiful, big, all finished, clean, neat, huge rooms with air conditioning. All of these things made me envious. But only in a good way. It is nice to have these friends in great places. We only win.


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