Top Ten Party Moments

We hosted our first big Party at the barn this weekend. I love parties…

10. One tent is never enough for a really good party.
9. It pays to have a relative who has worked in the rental business.
8. People don’t drink soda or water when there is beer and wine.
7. Cornell Chicken Marinade makes SUPERIOR BBQ Chicken.
6. Clown RULES! Never underestimate your stone mason.
5. Definitely hire a band for your party…but you must allow them proper wiffle ball time to keep them happy.
4. Hire a band to keep all the women happy. But just make sure it is an all male band with a really good looking young man with dark hair and blue eyes.
3. Rain makes a party.
2. Dancing in the rain makes the party even more.
1. WE have the best family, friends, stone mason….EVER!

Post Script: Never tell your spouse about your crushes because he will throw you under the bus. love you baby.


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