Chicago has inspired me…

Okay so I am starting this from a big city and not a barn in the woods. But before there are any complaints…being in a big city reminds me how much I love my barn. Cities are amazing living breathing creatures. They pulse with life, bodies, hunger, wealth, poverty, gluttony, beauty. Cities are the ultimate of what Humans are able to create. Roads, massive beautiful buildings, art, life in a confined space. It is all amazing to me.

In my space, in my home…My husband and I have created this space within beauty that is created by nature. We have settled into this space with minimal disruptions to what was there before us. That feels so good to me. Here we are raising our 2 BEAUTIFUL daughters. I am not biased. I will write about our life, my life, life in general, music, art, politics, love, anger, laughter, family. I will write and rant. Hopefully I will not embarrass myself or those I love.

I want to see what evolves from this and am encouraged by others who have come before me…you know who you are…STINK!

Let’s see what happens…VAMONOS! Come on let’s go!


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